Race Course Detail

Choose your preferred distance from speedy 10K into challenging 70K. Each distance will take you to at least one of the Dieng Plateau scenic spots. Runner are advised to select their category not only based on the distance, please learn about the elevation profile. It’s a trail running not a road running.

The overall course will largely run on trails, farmland, and scenic landscape. Occasionally runner will run through small road in between villages. Most of the area are covered by phone reception except the most remote part of the track on Mt Prau and Mt. Bismo area.

*GPX file will be available for download prior the race.

* Running course might be change due to unexpected circumstances and fore major, any changes will be notified to all runners.


Drop Bags on the course:

Drop bag are available only for Ultra category 70K where runner may put running suppliers for usage along the race event.

Drop bag location for 70K will be at Aid Station at km 40.

Please bring your bag to the designated area near the start line and label your bag with your bib #. These will be transported to the aid station at Friday, 21.00 night before the race and placed out in the open at the aid station.

Please be mindful of the size of your remote drop bag; we will not transport large duffle bags, suitcases, or coolers

Tips what should goes inside your drop bag:

If you have never used a drop bag before, we recommend a waterproof bag or container (or placing your items you don’t want wet into a plastic bag) in case of rain. Inside, you may want food or nutrition items that are not offered at the aid station such as gels, chews or powders that you are used to training with. We also recommend placing your lights, extra batteries, extra socks or shoes and layers of clothing (gloves, jacket, beanie, long sleeves, rain jacket, etc.) for at night.


Aid Stations details

All aid stations will be stocked with water, ice for personal use some aid station, isotonic, salt, sweet snacks, salty snacks, fruit and several “real food” options.

We don’t have specific nutrition that is provided for plant based or vegetarians’ runners as very few Indonesian runners are adopting this type of diet. We make our best attempt to offer a wide selection of foods for all runners. If you have a question about a specific item, please contact us.

Details on list food and drinks by each Aid station will be share a month leading up the race day.

We do our best to implement sustainable race management. In all our aid station, we do not provide drinking cups at aid stations, to reduce waste. Runners are strongly advised to carry their own drinking cup or bottle that they can use at aid stations for the selection of drinks.

We recommend you also carry water between aid stations. More details on sustainable race, please read on sustainable race section



For the event, the course will be marked with red and white ribbon with event logo attached to the ribbon. There will also be reflective tape on night time sections. You need to pay attention, especially at night, to follow these course markings.
There will be course markings at least every 50m and at every track junction. At all track junctions there will be an arrow indicating the direction of the route as well as confirmation ribbon tape along the correct route. There will also be a cross on the tracks that you should not take. There will be a distance sign every 5km.
Race staff will not be positioned along the entire course due to the nature of the events. Race staff will be positioned is certain area and junction to reduce risk of accident and lost, the rest of the area will be patrolled by staff in order to reduce any risk.
Participant must follow the route and must down load the organizer's file gpx and up loading the file gpx to participant’s GPX Watch, GPX devices or Mobile Phones, and print the course map out. We highly recommend runners to download GPX apps on their mobiles such as Google earth, Gaia, GPX viewer etc to help them navigate in case or lost.


10K Course Detail

Distance: 10K

Elevation Gain: + 400 meters

Cut Off Time: 3 hours

Number of aid station: 3

Number of Check Point: 1

ITRA Point: 0

Course map :


Half Marathon Course Detail

Distance: 21K

Elevation Gain: + 1300 meters

Cut Off Time: 6 hours

Number of aid station: 5

Number of Check Point: 2

ITRA Point: 0

Course map :


Marathon Course Detail

Distance: 42K

Elevation Gain: + 2500 meters

Cut Off Time: 11 hours

Number of aid station: 7

Number of Check Point: 3

ITRA Point: 2

Course map :


Ultra-Course Detail

Distance: 70K

Elevation Gain: + 4200 meters

Cut Off Time: 19 hours

Number of aid station: 9

Number of Check Point: 4

ITRA Point: 3

Course map :


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