Sustainable Race

The environment and culture life surround Dieng Plateau is unique and authentic. We are privileged to make this plateau as part of our passion and the backdrop to this incredible race. It is essential that we remain committed to reducing our footprint and preserving this natural and historical treasure. Help us as we take steps toward a more eco conscience experience for the runners, spectators, volunteers, and organizers of the Dieng Ultra.


Our effort toward cupless on the race:

In an effort to cut down on the waste produced by this event, the Dieng Ultra will be a cupless event. What does that mean? There will be no paper cups for hydration at the aid stations at this race.

Runners will be responsible for carrying their own container such as cup, flask, or bottle to refill along the way. Please consider a bottle or hydration pack for water and a reusable, easy-to-carry cup for electrolyte refills and soda.

Hydration will be served using 2 type of packaging :

  • Jugs: to refill your bottles and cups. This will be the main type of packaging used
  • Plastic bottles: for finisher, will distributed using plastic bottles. We are working with recycled partners to recycled all the waste produced from the race.


Leave nothing but memory and selfies

Carry your trash!

Please do not throw your trash on the ground. We ask all runners, crew, and spectators to keep the race course free from trash and carry any waste or trash to the next aid station. All aid stations have trash receptacles for your use. Please practice LNT: Leave No Trace.

We required runners to have zip lock plastic bags as part of mandatory item to store your trash.


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